Basic Refinery Orientation / 2024

Basic Refinery Orientation / 2024

Refinery Pass Inc. is redefining best-in-class training for contractors working in refineries. Our curriculum is delivered in an adult-styled learning format that has been designed to stimulate learning, keep students engaged and assist with better retention.  Our efficient online delivery makes this course more economical and efficient than any other product on the market.

In the past, traditional training courses depended simply too much on cognitive learning and memorization. But in the last decade, behavioral scientists have identified new learning styles that allow adults to learn differently. In order for training to be effective, it is imperative for the instructional design of a training program to focus on the learning needs and styles of today’s adults.


  • Situational Awareness
  • Simultaneous Operations
  • Hazards, Risks, and Understanding Consequences
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Stop Work Authority/Obligation
  • Continued Education, Further Training

Total runtime: 90 minutes


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