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Best in Class Computer-Based Training

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Refinery Pass Inc. is redefining best-in-class computer-based training for a wide variety of industries. Our curriculum is delivered in an adult-styled learning format that has been designed to stimulate learning, keep students engaged and assist with better retention. Our efficient online delivery makes this course more economical and efficient than any other product on the market.


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What We Do

Refinery Pass offers the next level of facility training that is best-in-class curriculum combined with the most cost effective, easily accessible and time efficient training platform designed to keep students engaged and deliver a consistent message.

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Cost Effective

Our programs can reduce overall training costs compared to other reciprocal training programs.

Time Efficient

Most students can complete our courses in 2 hours or less compared to competitors’ 8-12 hour courses.

Remote Delivery

Our online delivery allows students to take training on the go at any time. No more need for classrooms or scheduling.