What is Refinery Pass? What is Refinery Pass?

Whether it’s basic refinery training, your own custom site orientation or a new employee orientation, Refinery Pass offers the next level of facility training that is best-in-class curriculum combined with the most cost effective, easily accessible and time efficient training platform designed to keep students engaged and deliver a consistent message.

Cost Effective

We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. With other reciprocal training, you can spend between $50 to $250. Refinery Pass’ affordable program show’s immediate savings for both the student and the company.

Time Efficient

Time is money. Our training is designed to offer an efficient delivery method combined with a curriculum that is presented in an easily understandable and interactive manner. Because it is an engaging experience, most students can complete it in about 2 hours. Compare that to similar 8 and 12 hour courses. No time lost to “Instructor stories” and other classroom disruptions. This saves valuable time not only in scheduling, but also in paying employees to sit in class.

Remote Delivery

One word: Online. With Refinery Pass training, you can forget about the need to schedule employees to attend a class. Our training is available when the student is available and workers coming from out of the area can have training completed prior to arrival at your location.

Today’s technology is expanding at such a rapid rate, portable platforms are the future and the future is now. Refinery Pass offers the ability to allow access anywhere students are online with their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop 24 hours a day, scheduling problems and minimum classroom size are a thing of the past. Testing and results are delivered online and those records are electronically stored using secure encryption.

Worried about multiple and competing operating systems and platforms? We’re not, our curriculum is offered across all platforms and browsers for ease of use.

Standardized Base Orientation

Effective training is successful when it utilizes standardization. Our standardized curriculum allows for a consistent message being delivered to everyone. There is no ambiguity and the training is consistent. Employees learn the same information delivered with the same format. This reduces or eliminates knowledge gaps, creating a better educated work-force.

Continued Training: The challenge with developing training is that you rarely have a starting point to begin the lesson. So we start at the beginning and repeat the information to those that have already gone through the lesson. With a standardized base level orientation, you can continue the lesson from a designated starting point,wasteful time, scheduling and money.

Refinery Pass Plus

Refinery Pass Plus. Delivering high quality, engaging training to your students is only half of the battle. Making sure the content is always current and providing quick turn-around on updates is essential. Refinery Pass PLUS support guarantees your training is covered for 3 years of complimentary updates and edits. Our ability to offer quick and agile editing, (most edits completed within 48 hours), will give you the peace of mind that your students are always getting the current curriculum with a one-stop service and support from the people that know your training program the best.

Customer Service: Refinery Pass values its clients. Whether you have the occasional question, or you need assistance on a regular basis, we give you one-stop service and support from Refinery Pass experts. So, most issues can be resolved with a single call or email.

24/7 Access to Real-Time Training Records: When you or your students need training records information, you need it now. Our database can provide you with real-time student status online 24/7/365.